Located in the Rionegro Valley in Medellin, Colombia our Hydrangeas are carefully grown and selected from the finest seeds in our farms. They are Improved year after year and property of Valley Springs LLC farms, to ensure optimum production and quality. All of our crops have shade protection which helps insulate the flowers through hot summers and cold winter temperatures. This also allows us to maintain a year-round production of florals. With 10 different farm locations through the region and a dedicated customer service group, we guarantee fresh cut flowers whole year round as well as an increase in peak seasons. The post-harvest production facility is one of the most advanced in the region. Thermo foil roofs help protect the product from condensation and a division of the post-production area prevents from plague. Our farms also have on-site coolers which allow for straight refrigeration after hydrating for a healthier long-lasting blossom. Valley Springs is the top hydrangea grower in the region with an annual production of approximately 5 million stems.


New megaproject  

In a land of 150 ha, Valley Springs builds its new farm that has 100 ha to cultivate and 50 for native forest conservation. So far we have 39 hectares planted that are already producing and it is expected that by the second semester the amount will increase. With this megaproject, we want to increase our varieties of hydrangeas, expand the range of colors and grow our calla crops. We also want the farm to become a  type of theme park, attractive to our customers, for our employees, for the community and visitors.


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